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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Roberto Torres

Roberto Torres plays in the team of Osasuna.
Resultado de imagen de roberto torres

In the first picture .Roberto Torres looks happy because he kicks the ball and scores . He's wearing a red shirt, blue shorts and dark socks.

Resultado de imagen de roberto torres

In the second picture .RobertoTorres is playing a football match with he`s partener .their clothes is the same red shirt  a blue shorts and black socks .In think they`re competing in the COPA DEL REY

Resultado de imagen de roberto torres osasuna

In third picture .Roberto Torres is going to a football match with his team .they are going to play a football match in El Sadar.

Resultado de imagen de roberto torres osasuna

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Resultado de imagen de batman actor

batman is a actor
Batman lives in Gotham. He is a super hero, a figure of action and a millonaire. His true identity is 
Brush Waen.
Batman's house is a mansion. His biggest enemy is the Joker.
Batman protects Gotham. Alfred is a mayordom whit Batman (Brush waen)
Batman kills the Joker and Gotham people live happy. movies caballero oscuro,batman inicia batman vs superman etc clothes smoking and trainers and sun glasses its very elegant  batman clothes mask and cap and harmadure black and shoes black,black  shoks

Will Smith

Will Smith is an actor and a US rapper. In the first picture, Will looks smart. He's wearing a dark jacket and white shirt. I think he's going to an awards ceremony.

Resultado de imagen de will smith con traje

In the second picture, Will is a actor of ´´Scuadron Suicida´´. Their clothes are of a fighter. He´s wearing a dark and red bulletproof and black troursers.

Resultado de imagen de will smith en ESCUADRÓN SUICIDA

In the third picture, Will is in Colombia visiting a town. He´s wearing a dark beret, a with T-shirt, a dark bag and dark jeans. He´s going to Santa Maria because they are making a movie.

Resultado de imagen de will smith in COLOMBIA


                                                                                                                                                              Lionel Messi is a footballer.He´s a member of my favourite team:Barça. He's tall and he is the best of Barça.

Resultado de imagen de messi
In this picture, Messi is wearing a dark yellow jacket of his team.I think Messi is singing his National anthem.

Resultado de imagen de mesi
In this picture,Messi is celebriting a goal with other footballer:Dembelé. He is wearing his team outfit.

Resultado de imagen de plantilla barca

In this picture,Messi is smiling with other members of Barça.They are wearing their teamoutfit.



Paulo Londra is a singer. He sings solo.

In the first picture, Palulo looks casual. He is wearing a black jumper  and a nacklace around his neck. I think he's going to a concert.

In the second picture, Paulo Londra is singing with "piso 21". Their clothes are for partying. Paulo is wearing a green jumper and a hat, blue jeans with broken knees and a black and white shoes. I think they go to party.

In the third picture, he is in a photo session. He's wearing a hoooded jumper and a blue jacket, black troursers and blue and white shoes. In this picture he looks serious.

Resultado de imagen de paulo londra cuerpo entero
Resultado de imagen de paulo londra
Resultado de imagen de paulo londra with piso 21

Monday, February 25, 2019


Resultado de imagen de supermanSuperman is from Ka-el. Superman is 1.93m tall and he comes from a far planet. He is a super hero created by writer Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Superman has got black hair, blue eyes and he weighs 105Kg.

Superman was fastinating for academics. Also, DC Comics Published The Death Of Superman, a story in which the character died and revived. The creators of Superman made the Kryptonite dangerous for Superman.

Resultado de imagen de kriptonita

SuperMan has got a X- Ray. Superman is popular in films too.

Oier Sanjurjo

                                                         OIER SANJURJO
Oier Sanjurjo is a football player of Osasuna,my favourite football team.

Resultado de imagen de Oier Sanjurjo
In the first picture,Oier is playing football. He`s wearing a red T-Shirt,a blue shorts, white socks and yellow football boots. It is the official Osasuna outfit.

Resultado de imagen de Oier Sanjurjo

In the second picture, Oier is playing football too He`s wearing a blue T-shirt, white shorts, white and blue socks and black trainers. He is wearing the team outfit of Celta de Vigo.

Resultado de imagen de Oier Sanjurjo

In the third picture, Oier is going to an award ceremony "Estelles del año 2016" In this picture.
He looks smart. He's wearing a white shirt and a dark blue jumper.

Sergio Dalma

Sergio Dalma 

Sergio Dalmais is a Spanish singer. he went to Eurovision representing Spain.

First  Photo 

He is wearing a blackcoat and a white T-shirt. I think he is taking pictures for his album.

Resultado de imagen de fotos de Sergio Dalma el cantante
 In the second photo
 He's a bit smart. He is wearing a jacket and a black shirt and gray troursers. I think he is in a big concert.
Resultado de imagen de fotos de Sergio Dalma de cuerpo entero

In the third photo

He is wearing a black jacket, a black T-shirt and some black trousers. In this photo he is smilling.I think he is quite happy. 
Resultado de imagen de fotos de Sergio Dalma de cuerpo entero

Cristiano Ronaldo

Description of Cristiano Ronaldo
Resultado de imagen de cristiano ronaldo solo su cara
Cristiano Ronaldo is a player of football.
He's very famous, he has got five golden balls. In this photo he's smiling, and punky hair. He's also wearing earrings.

Resultado de imagen de cristiano ronaldo traje completoCristiano Ronaldo is wearing a black suit, a black tie, a white shirt and some black shoes.

Resultado de imagen de juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo, in this photo, is with his team, he is profesional football player in Juventus F.C. from Torino, because he played football since he was a child. 

Friday, February 22, 2019


                        😍ALBA SEGURA😍

Hello I´m Alba and I´m going to introduce my self.

I´m Alba I´m  twelve years old I´m from pamplona and I have a little sister and her name is Zoe. In my free time I like dancing flamenco, meeting my friends and staying with my family, in special with my sister Zoe.

In the first photo I am on the day of my first communion. I'm wearing my first communion dress. I also have a special necklace on my neck. I wear flowers on my hair. In the photo I am serious.

In the second photo I am with my cousins Serena, Daniella and Delia at the April Fair. I am wearing my flamenco dress, some earings and my heels. I am also with my cousin Serena on my legs and I am happy.

In the third photo I´m a baby at Christmas. I am wearing a Santa Claus costume and I´m serious loking at another place.

Nacho Guerreros

Nacho Guerreros is a Spanish actor. He was born in Calahorra(La Rioja) and went to live to Vitoria. He has short, grey hair and his eyes are brown. He is 1.72 meters tall. Nacho hasn´t got any brothers/sisters. He has got a pet:one hamster called Boris.

He has spoken in many interviews about his life and more things, but he doesn´t like to waste time.He has worked in different television channels and series; for example, , The one that is coming,There is no one  living here ,My house is yours 

Before being an actor, he worked in different jobs.; Has won various prizes:In 2001 he was nominated for The Short Film Festival of El Entrego in Asturias,where he won the award for The Best Actor,winning.       

He has participated in several interviews and talked about his life, etc.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


                                                    😎David Ochoa😎

My name is David Ochoa. I love painting and drawing,also using the mobile phone

In the first photo you can see me when I was a child and I am wearing a blue coat. I think I was in the school

In the second photo you can see me grabbing a paper that paper is like a trophy because it was a contest. I am wearing a black and blue jacket and a blue t-shirt inside.

In the last photo I am almost invisible because it was midnight but I am wearing a red jacket with a black tracksuit with black and green shoes.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Resultado de imagen de FOTOS TORETTO

Torete Toretto, an action character he has worked in Fast and Furious movies. He is 51 years old.

Played by Vin Diesel, the character was created by screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson. Toretto, one of Dominic's nicknames, was introduced in the first film of the series The Fast and the Furious (2001) .Later appears in Fast and Furious (2009), Fast and Furious (2011), Furious 6 (2013) ), Furious 7 (2015) and Secondary Villain in The Fate of the Furious (2017), as well as making a cameo in the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and in the short film Los Bandoleros (2009).

Diesel Vin daughter will be named in honor of Paul Walker. Actor Vin Diesel will call his newborn daughter "Pauline" in honor of his "best friend and brother" Paul Walker. The actor decided this after meditating and indicating that it was the right thing to do.

William Bradley Pitt

Resultado de imagen de cuantos premios ha ganado william bradley

William Bradley Pitt  was born on December  of 1963. He is 54 years old and his height 1,80 m. His colour hair is brown, but he sometimes dyes blond. He participated in movies like Troya and AD ASTRA. 

William has got 6 children: Zahara, Knox ,Viviene, Maddox and Shiloh. He lives in Los Angeles. His wife´s name is Angelina Jolie.


Friday november 23 2018

Batman´s a hero  and my favourite character from the first Ben Affleck.

Batman´s from Gotham City in the Batcave. He´s 1.87 metres tall and has´got white skin. Batman´s eyes are brown  and straight,dark hair. His ears  are average  and has a long coat as a costume.

Batman´s a character more emblematic for DC Comics.
The magazine of the Batman  started in 1940.

Robin (in spanish Petirojo) is a character fiftic for DC comics, superherou and friend for Batman. In 1940 more characters have a ocuped a rol of Robin, the original is a Dick Grayson

Joker is a character fiftic, and supervillan the apareced  in a comics because for editorial united DC comics.


Resultado de imagen de thomas cruise

Thomas Cruise is an American actor. He has got dark and short hair. His eyes are green. His height is average and he is thin.

He was born in 1997 in Syracuse {USA} I participated in the movie The Mision Imposible-Fallout, the last movie. His hair is short to participate in all the movie of Mision Imposible. He does not have a beard or mustache and his build is average. His eyebrows are brown.and also participated in The Last Samurai in 2003.

He won the best actor Oscar Award in 2005. Has won 20 times in total premieres. He currently lives in Los Angeles. He has got three children.

Peter Parker- SPIDERMAN

                                   PETER PARKER

Peter Parker was the typical nerd in the school. Peter has got brown, smooth and short hair. He was very muscular. He sometimes let grow a little brown beard. He's tall and slim.

Peter Parker is the character of Spiderman in the film of Capitan America. The film of Peter is also a cartoons. The film has got a part of action and he fights against other celebrities in it.

Resultado de imagen de foto de peter parker


He is a characterin the movie of Capitan America.His dasent heve hair (that is bald).
His skin is blue and red in old the body.
His eyes are old white and big.
He sprays spaider web from his hands.
He claimb very well on allv surfaces.

Resultado de imagen de Foto de spider man


                                                               JODI BENSON

Jodi Benson was born in Rockford, U.S. in October 10, 1961. She is an American actress, and soprano singer. In her real life Jodi Benson is 57 years old. She's got brown eyes and blond, curly hair.

She is best known for providing both the speaking and the singing voice of Disney's princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid and its sequel, prequel, and televisionseries spinoff. Benson voiced the character Barbie in the 1999 movie Toy story 2 and its 2010 Academy Award-winningsequel Toy story 3. She also voiced Barbie in the Toy Story cartoon Hawaii vacation

For her contributions to the Disneycompany, Benson was named a Dysney legend in 2011.

                                     Resultado de imagen de jodi benson

Ariel is a siren and is the daughterof the king Tritón. She's got red, wavy hair, her eyes are blue and her mermaid tail is green and purple bikini top, Ariel's lips are red. She is a marmeid who longs to know the human world, but her father doesn't it allows.

                           Resultado de imagen de ariel

Friday, November 23, 2018


Lionel Messi was born in Argentina in the 1987 on 24 June. His nationality is Argentinan and Spanish.

Messi is the best player in the world, since his debut in the First Divison. His career is in F.C.Barcelona . Lionel Messi has got a family: his wife is Antonela Roccuzzo and they had known each other for a long time, but Antonela came to Barcelona to be with Messi. After some years, Antonela and Messi got married and they had two children.

Resultado de imagen de lionel messi

Lionel Messi is 34 years old and is the new captain of F.C.Barcelona.
Messi's sons are Thiago Messi, Mateo Messi Roccuzzo, Ciro Messi Roccuzzo

Messi has got a lot of trophies in his house: The Golden Ball , The Best Player in the world and the Golden Boot.

Resultado de imagen de lionel messi biografia 


                                    Miranda Crosgrove

Her name is Miranda Crosgrove. She was born in 1993 in Los Ángeles. She actually is a singer and an actress. She was the main character in the popular series called iCarly as Carly Shay and as Megan Parker in Drake and Josh.

These two series where created by Nickelodeon and she won the Nickelodeon Choice Awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
She appears in the Guinness World Records book as the best paid kid in the world
Recently she appeard in a videoclip of a DJ called Marshmello.

Her parents' names are Tom and Chris Cosgrove.(they were a medium class family)
Miranda Cosgrove at Despicable Me 2 red carpet movie premiere at Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia.jpg
She appeard at some commercials of McDonalds and Burger King when she was a kid(you can watch it on Youtube)On 2017 a new serie was created:Victorius.She only appeard at the last episode of these serie:at fist carly(miranda) had a new boyfriend but it was the same boy that tory(the prota in victorius)have like boyfriend.When these 2 girls knowed the truth they kick that boy and then they celebrated!

After that she appeard in a horror movie called The Intruders.

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