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Monday, March 20, 2017

What will life be like in the future?

My future predictions for 2030

To be honest,I think that the future will be bad. If today the world is polluted, we will have a lot of political problems,a lot of deforestation...I don't know how life will be, but I will make some predictions:

1.The percentage of electric cars will rise,in this way the pollution will be reduced.
2.Many of animal species like the  hippo, the monkey ...will become extinct.I don't like this, it's very sad.
3.I will have a good job as a store manager.
4.I will travel all over the United States in a caravan with my best friends.(It's my dream)
5.The NCAA team North Carolina Tar heels will be the world champions of the university league.
6.My family will live happily and proud of me.

These have been my most important predictions for 2030.                                          

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