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Monday, March 20, 2017

What will life be like in Pamplona in 2030? Mamen Hernández

In thirteen years I don’t think that my city will change so much, it will have its evolution obviously, but nothing very impressive.

I think we will see new things such as more modern, faster and more environmentally cars, I hope it will reduce the annual number of accidents thanks to its evolution.

I also think that the clothes will change,there will not be the same styles like now.

There will be new buildings that will be aesthetically different, with unusual shapes, striking colors..etc

Society will be hopefully better, not as nowadays that there are many prejudices, canons of beauty, stereotypes and social fears.

I also hope that politics will change and they will stop stealing money and the crisis will end.

I think that technology will have advanced enough, and hopefully the medicine too, so there will be fewer deaths and illness.

And speaking of myself, I'll be 29 years, I hope i wll have my studies and a job, my house and I will continue with my boyfriend.

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